Skinial was developed by doctors and pharmacists, using lactic acid (found in the human metabolism) to remove unwanted body tattoos and permanent cosmetics. Unlike laser that will push the ink/pigment in your body and stays a lifetime in your organs.

This tattoo removal technic is not invasive. The liquid is dripped onto the skin and does not touch the dermis (deeper layer). We scratch the epidermis (surface) and massage our liquid into the skin. Massaging the epidermis leads to the removal of liquid soaking into the macrophages without damaging the dermis.

As soon as the macrophages come into contact with the removal liquid, they release the color molecules, then will heal into a form of scar. When the scab will fall the ink or pigment will fall with it and no color will remain.
Virtually painless comparative to a laser (very high temperature going up to 800 degrees Celsius) burns the skin, creating a lot more chances of having permanent scarring.

Only ONE treatment per area is needed versus laser, where multiple sessions are required with no guaranteed results.

You can get rid of ALL colors, BLACK, RED, BLUE, GREEN, PURPLEā€¦
Safest tattoo removal procedure on the market, Skinial is VEGAN and produced without animal testing. - Patch test and consultation available. Deposit required