At Touch of Beauty we offer Facials that make a difference in your skin. Real results with an amazing outcome. As a medical aesthetician we can work with you on your skin concerns to give you the best skin you have ever had. Its our passion to make our clients happy.

The lashes are permanent, but because just like the hair on our head our lashes shed, we lose about 2 to 3 lashes a day. This is why “fills” are needed about once a month or when you have approximately 40% of the extensions left.

Microdermabrasion 1 hour : $100

This facial is perfect way to exfoliate the skin. Microdermabrasion will help reduce signs of aging, help with unwanted scars and dark spots that are left from acne. Leaving you with radiant smooth glowing skin.

Touch of Hydration 45 minutes : $80

This facial is just what the doctor ordered! This facial will restore and lock in moisture back into your skin. Revealing the skin from dryness and irritation. But our favourite part of this facial is the shoulder and neck massage.This facial is proven to reduce stress, anxiety and migraines. Its time to treat your self.

Microneedling 1 hour : $250 & up

Microneedling is used to treat and improve conditions like acne scarring, fine lines,wrinkles and loose skin. This treatment will improve skin texture, pore size, brown spots,stretch marks and pigmentation issues. Leaving you with the skin you love.

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