The extensions are applied individually to your natural lashes using a Grade A medical adhesive which makes it safe for your eyes. They are virtually weightless and painless. You won’t even know you are wearing them.

The lashes are permanent, but because just like the hair on our head our lashes shed, we lose about 2 to 3 lashes a day. This is why “fills” are needed about once a month or when you have approximately 40% of the extensions left.

  • prices for fills can change depending on how many lashes are remaining. The technician will aware the client prior to the service.

Hybrid Lash Extensions : 130$

A mixture of Classic & Volume lashes. Gives the definition of Classic with the added fulness of Volume..

Volume Lash Extensions : 150$

These lashes are thinner than the classic extensions. To be able to create the “volume” look, a fan is made and applied on your lashes. You can choose the fullness buy adding 2-3 or even more lashes on one of your own.

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