Lash extensions

They accomplish what mascara can never and will never accomplish! And you look that way 24hrs a day

Heat proof, waterproof, smudge proof

Unlike temporary, false eyelashes, which attach to the lid on a single strip, eyelash extensions are individual lashes. They attach directly to your natural lashes, one at a time using a medical grade A adhesif. Making it safe and very comfortable. The ingredients in our glue are Cyanoacrylate and carbon black.

Since they eliminate the need for mascara, eyelash extensions are a significant, daily time saver. You can choose the length, type of curl, and thickness of the extensions you want.

Remember that a bargain often isn’t. If the price is too good to be true, make sure the reason isn’t lack of quality or experience.

This isn’t only about your lashes, it’s also about your eyes.


What is the difference between lashes?
  • Classic is the most natural of all the sets, where a single extension is attached to the natural lash.
  • Volume is the most dramatic look, a handmade fan is applied on one of the natural lash creating a fuller look.
  • Hybrid is a mixture of the two, some lashes have only one extension and other lashes have fans.
Does it hurt?
  • It does not during or after the appointment when it's done correctly. Most people fall asleep during the process.
Why do I need to come for a refill if the extensions are permanent?
  • Just like the hair on our head, our lashes shed. We lose 2-3 lashes a day. Once a natural lash falls, the extension will fall with it and a new lash will grow. After about 3 weeks a refill is recommended to add lash extensions on the new lashes to keep them looking full.
What if I'm allergic?
  • Allergies rarely happen, but if it does the eyelid gets swollen and red. Call your technician right away to have the lashes removed. Never try to remove them yourself as you will damage your natural lashes.
How long do they last?
  • Refills are recommended once a month or every 3 weeks. When there is about 60% left, it's time to book an appointment. Prices of refills will vary depending on the amount of lashes left.


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