Permanent lip blush

Lip blush is the new trend in permanent makeup

This treatment delivers very natural results, once healed.

It softly defines and fills in your lips to give them a constant wash of color, like a really good tinted lip balm. It can also correct small asymmetries or uneven lip colour.

How does it work? A very small needle deposits pigment into the lips, which builds layers of colour. Your lips will look darker after the initial treatment, but this will fade to a much more natural hue

*To be avoided the day before your appointment; Ibuprofen, fish oil, and vitamin E to reduce the possibility of bruising and bleeding.


How safe are these procedures?
  • Each treatment are done using a sterile, single use needle. Before each session the technician will show and open the needle in front of you and dispose of it in a sharp bin at the end of every appointment. The station is wipe down using Preempt wipes and the reusable tools are soaked in the Preempt solution for 20 minutes.
I get coldsores, can i have this procedure done?
  • Yes you can, although lip tattooing can trigger an outbreak, therefore it is highly recommended you take an antiviral medication prescribed by your doctor prior to your appointment (ei. Valacyclovir). This is very important, regardless of if you had a recent outbreak or not.
What should i expect after the treatment?
  • You’ll experience dryness for about 5 days, it can differ from one person to the next. A use of lip balm (it will be giving to you by your technician) will be mandatory to help with the healing process and to minimize scabbing. You will also need to avoid certain types of food, for example spicy or acidic.
How many session will i need?
  • It is recommended in most cases to do at least one touch up 6 weeks after your first treatment. This will optimize your result. However some people may require more than 1 touch up.
Do i have to pay upfront?
  • We require a $100 deposit in order to book the appointment. This is to secure your time, the deposit is transferable and reimbursable up to 48hrs prior to your appointment. Pass this time the deposit will be lost. The remaining amount to be paid at the first session.


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