Permanent eyeliner

What does it mean!?

It means exactly what you think it means, Permanent eyeliner that won’t wash off when you wash your face at night. If you love the look of a fuller lash line, but lack the necessary steady hand! This is for you.

Many different looks can be achieved. The line can be thick or as thin as your natural lash line, giving the illusion of thicker and fuller lashes. It will not smudge or end up in the crease of your eyelid in the middle of the day or night.

It can last between 2 to 4 years, depending on someone’s skin. The liner will fade overtime, therefore yearly touch up is recommended to keep it fresh looking.


How safe are these procedures?
  • Each treatment is done using a sterile, single use needle. Before each session the technician will show and open the needle in front of you and dispose of it in a sharp bin at the end of every appointment. The station is wiped down using Preempt wipes and the reusable tools are soaked in the Preempt solution for 20 minutes.
Does it hurt?
  • Everybody’s pain level is different. 2 different types of numbing creams are used prior and during the treatment to ensure your comfort. If there is any discomfort we can always apply more numbing. Thus it is not recommended to get any procedure done the week prior to your period or on your period. Most people are too sensitive during that time.
What colour can i do?
  • There are many colours available, although black is recommended because it will last much longer than any other colour. Brown, navy blue, green, purple,
Does the elelid get swollen?
  • It will depend on the thickness of the eyeliner you will be getting and if your skin usually swells easily. The day of and for about 48hrs you will look like you cried. The use of tylenol and ice helps the skin to calm down.
Can i get the waterline tattooed?
  • No, the tattoo will be on the lash line either on the top or bottom and never on the waterline because the pigment could migrate under the skin.
Do i have to pay upfront?
  • We require a $100 deposit in order to book the appointment. This is to secure your time, the deposit is transferable and reimbursable up to 48hrs prior your appointment. Pass this time the deposit will be lost. As mentioned previously, most of the time a touch up will be needed about 6 weeks after. You will have to pay the full amount at the first session.


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