Microblading - Shading - Ombre

These are 3 different techniques of semi permanent cosmetic OR... yes, TATTOO!

A tattoo simply means inserting pigment into the skin. Regardless of your prefered look, it graces you with 1 to 2+ years of low maintenance for your brows.

MICROBLADING; is a semi permanent tattoo created with a handheld tool. This technique is suitable for normal to dry skin. It is not recommended for oily skin or for someone with coarse hair.

The micro blade used for this technique is tiny, creating hair like strokes to give the illusion of fuller brows. It is semi permanent, therefore touch ups will be required on a yearly basis for most people. For oily skin, the visit to the salon will be more often.

The colour chosen will be slightly darker then the natural brow hair. As it heals it will fade 30-40% from day 1. A touch up is recommended 4 weeks after the first session, to reinforce what was created at the first appointment.

SHADING; Think of shading as the long-lost sibling to microblading. It's called "shading" rather than "blading" because during the process, shadow or gradient appearance with teeny-tiny dots of pigment are created to fill in sparse areas and define the eyebrows. The more dots there are and the closer they are together, the darker the results are.

The colour can be chosen according to the pencil or powder you use to fill in your brows. It will not fade as much as Microblading once healed.

OMBRE; the only difference between Shaded and Ombre is the brow is made to look darker at the arch, leaving the front lighter, creating a not so "drawn on" kind of look. Giving them a more natural look.

After care is crucial! It is very easy to take care of them afterwards, but there are certain things you will need to avoid like AHA creams, glycolic acid and sun. Sunscreen will be mandatory at all times to keep the colour looking its best.


How safe are these procedures?
  • Each treatment is done using a sterile, single use needle/microblade. The technician will show and open the needle in front of you and dispose of it in a sharp bin at the end of every appointment. The station is wiped down using Preempt wipes and the reusable tools are soaked in the Preempt solution for 20 minutes.
Can i come for a consultation before i committ?
  • Of course, that way the technician will be able to draw on the shape that best suits you. She will also be able to answer all your questions and concerns. Consultation is always complementary.
I have oily skin, can i still get my brows tattooed?
  • The answer is yes, however not all techniques will work for your type of skin. Microblading is not recommended for oily because it is only on the surface of the skin and will fade a lot faster than a technique like Shading where it is created with a machine instead of a hand held tool, therefore the technician can go a little deeper into the skin.
Will i lose my eyebrow hair?
  • No, the goal with any eyebrow treatment is to create fuller and more defined brows. The only hair we could possibly remove will be the one outside of the shape you will decide on. We will not shave off your eyebrows or wax them completely. We will enhance what you have naturally. Whether you chose Microblading, Shading, Ombre etc.. the needle does not go deep enough into the dermis to create any damage to the hair follicle therefore your hair will still keep growing after your permanent makeup procedure.
How do i choose the perfect shape?
  • We all know eyebrows are not one size fits all. Brow mapping is one of the most important part of the appointment. We always provide each client with a personalized brow mapping that will enhance your natural features, complimenting your eyes and face.
Does it hurt?
  • Everybody‚Äôs pain level is different. 2 different types of numbing creams are being using prior and during the treatment to ensure your comfort. If there is any discomfort we can always more numbing. Thus it is not recommended to get any procedure done the week prior to your period or on your period. Most people are too sensitive.
How many session will i need?
  • This will vary from one person to another, depending on your skin type. Oily skin will need more sessions than someone with dryer skin. Therefore, it is recommended in most cases to do at least one touch up 4 weeks after. This will optimize your result.
Do i have to pay upfront?
  • We require a $100 deposit in order to book the appointment. This is to secure your time, the deposit is transferable and reimbursable up to 48hrs prior your appointment. Pass this time the deposit will be loss. As mentioned previously, most of the time a touch up will be needed about 6 weeks after. You will have to pay the full amount at the first session.


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