Refine your look with Microblading using a hand-held specialized tool that creates a semi-permanent tattoo of the eyebrows creating hair-like strokes. Ideal for those who suffer from hair loss, over plucking or simply create fuller eyebrows. Every eyebrow is designed according to the face anatomy.

After Care:

  • After having your eyebrows tattooed you will have to stay away from the sun. Like any tattoo the sun will make them fade faster and even change their colour. The use of sunscreen is always recommended.
  • You will also have to be careful of the creams you will be using on your face near your brows. Anything containing “glycolic acid, retinol A, AHA...” will affect the longevity of your brows.

  • **For a limited time only, for every Permanent Cosmetics procedure, the first touch up will be included. Some people may require a second touch up, prices will differ from one person to another depending on how much work will need to be done.

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