At Touch of Beauty, we pride ourselves in helping our clients look great, feel strong, confident and beautiful. We are passionate in what we do and very grateful to have the privilege and opportunity to help you look your best and make your natural beauty shine through.

If you are looking to enhance your beauty through Microblading, Permanent cosmetics, Lash Extensions, Face and Lip Waxing, we can help you. Please feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.

At Touch Of Beauty, we also believe that looks certainly aren't everything, but sometimes small details can help make a big difference in someone's life. We use our expertise and product knowledge to enhance your beauty and produce biggest impact for you and your love ones.

Our clients choose our services for a variety of reasons: Vacations, Weddings or special events, Busy moms who don't have time to fuss with makeup, women who have lost volume with age and others who just want to always look their best with less effort.

Contact us for a free consultation or book your appointment online and receive 10% off. Looking forward to seeing you!

  • I receive excellent feedback from my clients. I pride ourselves on ensuring my clients receive a friendly service that is personalized to their specific needs.
  • I am highly experienced. I strongly believe that all beauticians must continually develop their skills in order to offer the highest standard of service.
  • I offer professional service to the highest standards using the most effective products.
  • I speak english and french.
  • I offer professional consultation, where we discuss your needs, and style preferences and advise on the best look for you.
  • Cancer survivor or persons suffering from Alopecia will receive a discount on Microblading, Nano Brows, Shaded/Ombre brows & Eyeliner.
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September 21st 2018

For every dollar amount spent on September 21st 2018, you will receive equal value in Laser Hair Removal treatment.

*• Microblading • Full set of lash extension • Scalp Micropigmentation • Permanent Cosmetics

Save the date SEPTEMBER 21ST 2018 a one day only event!

*Promotional offer expires 30 days after issue date of certificate. If no date is provided on certificate offer must be redeemed by Oct 21st 2018. Appointment required. 24 hour cancellation notice required. Terms and conditions are subject to change based on availability and business owners discretion.





Client Testimonials

  • Joan W.
    My lashes are amazing! Thanks so much!
    Joan W.
  • Valentina B.
    Thank you! I love them so sooo much already
    Valentina B.
  • Elvira
    Thank you so much Natasha it looks amazing... I love them!
  • Mia
    Thank you!!! You made me pretty again.
  • Maria C.
    I love them, I am still amazed as to how perfect they look and goodbye pencil and wunderbrow.
    Maria C.
  • Dallas M.
    Freshly microbladed! A little swollen still but I'm in love with my eyebrows :)
    Dallas M.
  • Leelee
    I am so in love with them, thank you for taking the time to explain the microblading procedure to me in full detail and making me feel so comfortable throughout the process! You rock!
  • Patricia
    In love! With some how has suffered with alopecia for over 20 years, permanent make up is a life savior and huge confident boost! Thank you for making my mama beautiful and gain of that confidence back!
  • Lisa
    Lashes makes all the difference – thank you!     
  • Maria
    Thank you for the beautiful make over, this beautiful lady is awesome I would recommande to everyone
  • Andreea B.
    I wanted perfect  eyebrows and you did that for me. Love them so much. Thank you!
    Andreea B.
  • Karen C.
    Dear Natasha, you've been so much more than a teacher to me. You've supported me and guided me through my tough times. Thank you for your support, guidance and life lessons. You have taught me not to give up and to be confident about who I am and what I can achieve. For all of this and for everything you have done, thank you.
    Karen C.
  • Orange
    ​You have no idea how many people gave me compliments on my eyebrows! Thank you so so so soooo much.